Novastar continues ro rise for 7th year

Novastar moved positively in 2021 as well, recording steadily increase in financial performance in the seven financial years since its foundation to date. In more detail, last year the company presented a turnover 61.2 million euros, increased by 18,88%  compared to 51,5 million euros of 2020. Its profits increased by 1,13 million euros from 840.363,52 euros in 2020, with an increase 34,55% while the profits after taxes were 880.932,26, increased by 38,15% compared to 2020 which they were 637.672,43. Gross profit of 2021 was up to 1,75 million € , raised by 25,76% compared to 1,39 million €  of 2020. It is worth noting that this performance mean that Novastar

greatly improved compared to the year 2020, which, as stated in the relevant financial report, "it was a landmark year for the company, which after an excellent course during which it showed a leap in its financial figures, stabilizes with high performance, claiming an important position in the market in which operates, demonstrating its financial stability and and we look forward to a promising and more successful year ahead, and even with only equity and zero debt." . Regarding the current year, Novastar estimates that it will continue to have positive results, since, as it notes, "its modernization effort, its constant commitment to online wholesale through B2B, but also the constant search for new partnerships in the international markets, with the most competitive products, both in terms of quality and price, are rewarded. . Novastar is active in the wholesale trade of technology items with the main objective of selling mobile phones and their accessories, video game consoles, game consoles, air conditioners, televisions ,computers and their accessories, tablets, cameras, etc. For example, the company distributes products from Blackview, Elari, Cubot, Energizer, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, LG, Xiaomi, Apple, etc..